Go Green

Military Green

Military Green by stefaniexarni featuring a leather daypack

Green, especially Military Green is one of the trends of the last few years and is still not going anywhere this spring and summer. I think the color got so versatile that it's not only military and strong anymore it got really feminine over the past years. Whether you wear green from head to toe or just some bits and pieces to accompany your outfit it's always makes your outfit look a tad cooler. 
I love how you can wear it to every possible color. It looks awesome with black for the girls like me who simply cannot go without black but it is even prettier with white and good tan in summer. But it also looks fabulous with blue or orange or red. It is the perfect color that makes your outfit go from girly to cool.

Like my first example I styled some military green culottes with a black crop top, some chunky heeled boots, leather jacket and leather base ball cap. The combination makes the culottes look less chic and more edgy and the studded YSL bag gives it the elegant finish. Definitely a daily outfit but also perfect for those days where you simply don't have time to go change at home and want to hit the clubs straight away.

The second look is my "Khloe Kardashian" look. I feel like she would definitely rock this. I love the summer edition of the rock studded Valentino heels and the backpack matching them makes them look less evening and more day like "whoops I just put this on and look absolutely fabulous". I also love blue mirrored glasses so that's always a plus to wear with any outfit. 

The last look is is for the ones who are not yet ready to get full on military. Simple distressed jeans with a simple white top combined with this absolutely GORGEOUS Saint Laurent jacket from their SS collection. I mean it is perfect. It has some military green details on it but not too many. The military green bag and shoes that are even in the military design make this outfit perfect for a girls lunch or a chilled dinner with friends. You're definitely in trend with the green but a bit more hidden.