Seasonal Desires

Unbenannt #99

If you open a fashion magazine these days you will see tons of new trends and "it" pieces. Depending on the audience of the magazine these trend pieces vary a bit. Looking at the bloggers, models and celebrities walking and going to the global fashion weeks these days I find that black and leather are very prominent this year. Also looking through my favorite fashion magazine, InStyle, yesterday I saw a lot of black but also fringe and "cowboy" elements in it.

Going through all of this I started thinking about what my "it" pieces for this fall are and what makes me excited. 
Now as I'm a student sneakers are my favorite thing to wear: they are comfortable and thanks to all the bloggers and models around the world finally fashionable again. Eleanor Calder rocked her Adidas superstars to a London Fashion Week party, paired with leather pants and a velvet blazer. A look to love. Kendall Jenner wears her various collection of sneakers all the time as well does Gigi Hadid. I think the design of the Adidas Superstar is really great. It is monochrome and because of the leather, they stay in form. 

Whether you are a fashion addict or you loathe it. Everyone needs a leather jacket. As well as a good pair of leather pants because let's face it: they are hot af. And in my opinion one that is of high quality. My leather jacket is from Sandro Paris and I've had it for about 5 years now and I still wear it almost every day. Acne Studios has for me the best designs for leather jackets. They are very simple and good cut. The good thing about leather jackets is that you can wear them all year around. Pair them with a good jumper and it is warm enough for Fall.

Another thing I love is the Sac de Jour from Saint Laurent. I have the nano version of it and I wear it all the time. It goes with everything. Their newest design with snake printed handles is my newest obsession. I think it is very monochromic and since I saw it on Kendall Jenner I cannot get my mind off of it. I think the design is very simple and classic. It reminds me a bit of the Kelly or Birkin bag from Hermes but I think it is much younger and a lot cheaper. 

Another obsession I have every Fall and Winter are big, chunky scarves. Whether it is a simple grey or black one or this creme colored Zara scarf with black and grey ends, I cannot get enough of them. I think they add perfectly to your outfit and make you feel warmer immediately.

Hope you like this post. Just check out Zara or Mango at the moment if you want to get a feel of this seasons must haves. They have a great collection at the moment, which reminds me a lot of Saint Laurent's collection.

New In - Autumn Edition

September time means thinking of a new wardrobe and what to wear in this great season. Plus I'm travelling to London soon, which is also always a great opportunity to show off some new fashion items. 
So this season I was lucky enough to get a hand on the Stuart Weitzman Lowlands in black suede. These boots are my favorite boots of all time. I am so in love with their fitting and their material. 
Also I finally got some proper great jeans. I own many Topshop and Zara jeans but to be honest I always wanted a pair of great quality ones and as Acne Studios is one of my favorite brands and my friend raved about their jeans I decided to get two pairs. I decided to get the model 5 pocket in the colors Marylin and Black and I love them. The material is amazing and they fit perfectly. They came in a cute little bag. 


Autumn Essentials and Life Tips

things for uni fall you need

It's finally September and my impatient childish soul cannot wait for the leaves starting to fall, stores smelling like cinnamon and the pumpkin spice lattes coming back to Starbucks. All I want to do is buying nice smelling candles, new beddings and blankets to make my room super cozy and cute. Sadly this time of the year also means uni is starting again, which means studying and no shopping. To make it still a bit more magical and doable I put together some must haves for uni and your personal well being. Personally just a couple of candles a nice blanket and painting your nails in a dark red makes you feel all autumn-y. I love the coziness of this season and the vibe, so why not take your studying to a coffeeshop, get your favorite coffee or tea and wander in your thoughts and work there. I personally will definitely do that a lot this year. So, get out, be happy, dress cozy and drink your favorite tea and everything will be fine, even uni.

Animal Prints

Animal prints

Animal prints always have been something I really enjoyed. The leo Louis Vuitton scarf has been one of my staples for fall and winter for over 3 years now and I still consider it one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. 
Animal prints, especially leopard patterns, are everywhere this season. It feels like every brand, whether its high end or designer has them in their newest collection. Especially Saint Laurent is really going for the leopard patterns this year but also Christian Louboutin really goes with the flow and designed his amazing So Kate pumps in the trendy leopard pattern. 
Dolce & Gabbana were probably one of the firsts though when it came to bringing out leopard patterns. They designed daring blouses and dresses for confident and sexy women. These days brands like Topshop are also joining the leopard team and making it more commercial. For me a leopard pattern is best worn with black and white. Simple and classy. I like to wear one leopard item with a wow effect and then be subtle with the rest of the outfit. It makes it cool, sexy but also edgy, which I love. The combination leather and leopard is also something I adore. I find it just perfect for fall and winter. 

Fall picks

Fall picks

Fall is around the corner and here comes my favorite season for fashion!! I can finally wear black again without feeling guilty. I can wear boots and leather jackets and sweaters without anyone judging me. This fall is everything about clear lines and the cool rocker kind of look for me. 
I picked some of my fall favorites so check them out below.

Grey Sweater from Acne Studio
They go with everything. Jeans, leather pants, skirts, you name it. Acne is one of my favorite brands and they never fail to amaze me with their amazing sweaters. I think this is an absolute staple in your fall wardrobe.

Leather Jacket from Acne Studio
Leather jackets have been here forever but I still consider them an it piece. A leather jacket finishes your outfit with a certain edge. Acne, again, has one of my favorite leather jacket collections but also Burberry or Sandro and for the lower budget Zara or Mango have amazing jackets.

Ripped Skinny Jeans from J Brand
I love them and I will always love them. I wear ripped jeans 99% of the time and I buy them in many different variations. Black, Blue, Light Blue but for Fall I will definitely go for my favorite black ones. J Brand or Rag & Bone have amazing high budget versions but my favorites are the Topshop Jamie's. Zara also has some in their newest collection.

Leather Pants from Helmut Lang
Black leather pants are the bomb. They make you look sexy and edgy. I really want to get the Helmut Lang pants one day but I own a good pair of Burberry ones that I stole from my mum's closet ;). Zara,  Topshop and Mango have amazing non leather alternatives.

Ankle Boots from Mango
I got these boots and I love them. They are a much cheaper version of the Acne Jensen Boots and they are so comfortable. The pointed toe makes them a bit more special compared to other chelsea boots and mine are suede, something I never had but definitely enjoy for this Fall.

Fedora Hat from Rag & Bone
I was always skeptical when it came to fedoras because I'm really not a hat kind of girl but I must admit I started loving them. They don't just look super stylish but they also save your hair from the awful Fall rain and don't worry about bad hair days anymore. Zara has amazing cheap alternatives at the moment. 

Cowboy Belt from Saint Laurent
I've loved these belts for the whole summer already and I cannot wait to show them off this Fall. I got a small and cheap version from Zara and I wear it everyday. It's so cute and edgy, I love it.

Cape from Joseph
Capes are super cool and easy to wear. You can always throw them over your look when it's chilly outside and you look amazing. This one is from Joseph, a brand I really like but I'm sure Zara and Mango will follow soon with cheaper alternatives. 

Leather Skirts from Zara and Topshop
I'm not a girl who wears skirts a lot but I have to admit I'm kind of excited to wear some this fall. I so wanna get my hands on this cognac colored Topshop A line skirt. It is suede and so pretty. I've seen one on Emily Ratajkowski and I love it. Another classic is a simple black leather skirt. This one is from Zara and I think the asymmetric cut is really cute.

Over Knee Boots from Stuart Weitzman
These boots are the biggest dream of mine. I love them! They are so stylish, fun, sexy and easy going. You can wear them on so many occasion and i think the suede is amazing as well. I hope I will get them this fall as I really need them. For a tall girl like me (5'10) it is quite the challenge to find over knee boots that actually go OVER the knee but these boots are really high and I love it. ASOS and Sam Edelman have cheaper alternatives but when it comes to those boots there's nothing but the original for me.

Small Sac de Jour from Saint Laurent
I have the nano sac de jour and I wear it every day. I love the design of that simple but exciting bag. This one is suede and I think it looks amazing to leather pants and a white boyfriend shirt or for a night out with a cute dress. I adore this bag. 

Blogger of the week // Flo Loves Clothes

I've been following this young girl for ages and her style has become more and more an inspiration for me. Florencia is 20 years old and from Boston. I found out about her a long time ago through her Eleanor Calder blog on tumblr. Now she's a known blogger that becomes more famous day by day. Her sets on Polyvore are amazing and her personal blog "Flo Loves Clothes" has become one of my favorites. She is  very natural and super nice and her style is chic, simple but always with a good twist, which I love. She is simply gorgeous. I love how she incorporates high street brands in her looks. She makes everything accessible for us all and not just those who are super rich. If you don't already know and follow her check her blog out
Also make sure to check out her tumblr: