50 Shades of Black

50 Shades of Black

Black is my go to colour and personally I think it is the most elegant and cool colour out there. Especially black leather is not going anywhere in 2016. Black is very versatile and all black is no longer gruffly and emo, it is cool, elegant and chic. Furthermore, it looks amazing with all sorts of other colours. My current favourites are black with cream and camel. It is so Kardashian and so sophisticated. Check out some of my favourite looks below.

Unbenannt #130

Unbenannt #131

Unbenannt #132

Unbenannt #133

Unbenannt #134

Style Watch // Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

These girls have been my inspiration forever. Ever since Full House the Olsen charm had me. They are adorable, fashionable and extremely smart. They turned their fame into two major fashion labels that are respected by many important people. Even though they're twins, they are extremely individual. While Ashley is more classy and chic, Mary-Kate always had a certain grunge and rock n' roll chic going on. She's always been the cheekier one of the two. They are known for their undone/done hair looks, grungy make up, nude lips and oversized glasses and bags. In the last years they became very minimalistic in their looks, which reflects their fashion brands The Row and Elizabeth & James. They  even won CFA's for their outstanding performances in fashion. It is safe to say that the Olsens are still one of the most important people in fashion and also the most influential.

Olsen Inspired

Creme de la creme

 Unbenannt #125

Unbenannt #125 by eleanorjcstyle featuring a fedora hat

Everyone who knows me or follows me on social media knows that I dress in black pretty much all the time. I always say that it is effortless and chic. If you don't know what to wear, black will do. But even I was not able to resist the camel/cream trend anymore. I absolutely fell in love with it. Maybe because it is as simple and chic as black is, maybe because it seems very sophisticated without looking a bit emo like black outfits often do or maybe it is just the fact that it looks great paired with black. I don't know what it is. Kim K has been surfing on that wave for a while and when her younger sisters followed and with that probably everyone else in the fashion world I finally decided that it is a cool trend that is hear to stay.