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My queen, the beloved Eleanor Jane Calder and her absolutely amazing friend, Maximillian Hurd started a blog! My life is complete! I know I already did a post on Eleanor's style but I just couldn't resist doing another one. 
Her style is typical London for me mixed with a bit of a californian vibe to it. Her style is simple yet absolutely perfect. She likes black and statement sunnies. She makes a t-shirt, skinny jeans, leather jacket and sneaker combination look like she just walked down the runway. She wears a lot of different and very expensive brands but doesn't stop at buying stuff from Zara or Topshop. Some people may think she shouldn't wear that expensive stuff as people think her audience is quite young but yet again why should she consider young One Direction fans? She's not dating Louis Tomlinson anymore. While I was (and still am) sad they broke up I think she never looked better and happier. She's just my absolute style icon. I think she deserves to be super successful with what she's doing and I hope she will continue being such a perfect babe.

Unbenannt #75

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