Christian Dior Reflected vs. Christian Dior So Real / HELP


Fashion Friends I am in need of your help!! Christian Dior massively stepped up their sunglasses game this year. From rather boring and classic sunglasses they went to aviator meets clubmaster kind of looks. While these two Ray-Ban models (whom I love) are rather old school, the new Dior glasses have an extremely futuristic vibe. Most of them are mirrored and very clean. Now two models caught my eye. The Reflected (the one below with the green nose things) and the So Real ones (the upper ones). Lookin at the price the Reflected are a bit cheaper but I think if you invest in some sunglasses around 300 Dollar I think a plus/minus 50 Dollar difference doesn't make you millionaire but still I cannot decide, which model I prefer.
Check out my pro and con list (I'm a sucker for those lists) and let me know.

Christian Dior So Real:
+ super different
+ futuristic
+ Celebs Number 1 Favourite at the moment
+ original design
+ effin' awesome ;)
- more expensive
- maybe too different?

Christian Dior Reflected:
+ simple
+ cheaper
+ cool
+futuristic vibe
+ more classy
+ don't go out of style (attention: Tay Swift reference)
- boring
- if you spend so much money rather get the cooler ones

Like you see my deciding process is not going so well.
Let me know what you think!!

xx Stefanie 

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