May Must Have // Pointed Brogues


First of all I'm sorry for not posting more lately. I just started a new job and it has been kind of hectic. Now this post is all about my latest and newest obsession: these pointed black and white zara brogues. I've been looking for a cool pair of pointed, flat shoes for ages and Zara, once again, came for help. Pointed shoes are everywhere. Gigi Hadid wears them, Danielle Bernstein has been rocking them for ages and my number one style crush Eleanor Calder has been showing off her pointed shoe collection lately as well.  I've been lusting over her Tibi shoes that look almost like them and also the Jimmy Choo boots, she owns, that also have a bit of black and white going on but sadly those are not in my budget. So when I looked through the Zara homepage a couple of days ago I stumbled upon those amazing flat shoes. They are absolutely gorgeous and so different to any other shoes I own and I knew that I had to have them. So I went into the store but sadly they did not have them in my size but I decided to order them online into my local Zara store and now I'm waiting for them to finally arrive and to sweeten the waiting and to make you want them as well, I decided to make some sets with these amazing pair to show you how I would style them. I hope you like it. 

xx Stefanie

Zara Shoes

Coachella Day 2 & 3 // The Looks & Recap

The first weekend of Coachella is officially over and I'm already looking forward for weekend number two and the hopefully many more great outfits that are yet to come. Sadly all my favorite people went this weekend so I still hope some cool people and models will go next weekend. 
My absolute favorite from weekend one is Chiara Ferragni. The Italian blogger looked absolutely stunning in her many outfits. Her day two outfit was probably my favorite. She rocked a flower crop top and skirt from the H&M Coachella collection and combined it with an absolutely amazingly brilliant Chanel bag and her (and also mine) favorite edgy Balenciaga boots. She looked hippie-isque but also fancy and cool and grungy. Just how I like it. Her make up was minimal with an accent on her beautiful blue eyes. I think Chiara really knows how to rock the classy Coachella style. While Vanessa Hudgens, who won't attend this year, is THE hippie chick at Coachella and looks like a bohemian princess who could also come straight from Woodstock, Chiara looks more chic and has a hint of elegance in her outfits but still manages to look absolutely down to earth and chilled and relaxed. She does not look over done but yet very put together. I also like that this year she collaborated with H&M, which makes her outfit once affordable but fashion freaks with a low budget like me. ;) 
Who managed to look amazing too was the Kayture team, Kristina and Fiona. I think they both have something very special in the way they like to dress. They both adore dresses and skirts and chic fashion. They combine Coachella bohemian style with French/Swiss elegance. Plus they are both super adorable. 
Kendall Jenner looked very nice as well and I think she just pulls off everything but I still think that her outfits were a bit predictable. She looked gorgeous and cool and fun but there was nothing really new about it. Compared to other models like Jourdan Dunn or even Hailey Baldwin her outfits were almost a bit boring. 
Danielle Bernstein is one of my top lookers from the weekend as well. She stayed very true to herself and her special way to dress, which is not necessarily how I would dress but it's her thing and I admire her for that. 

Who are your favorites from weekend one at Coachella? 

xx Stefanie

Coachella Day 1 // The Looks

I decided to make a feature about Coachella after every day of the festival. I will present you my favorite looks and people. 
Coachella kicked of yesterday and we already got so many cool looks. Kylie Jenner rocked baby blue hair and looks absolutely stunning. Kendall Jenner chose a rather classic look but still was able to look absolutely gorgeous. Jourdan Dunn colored her hair grey and wowed in an all black ensemble...but see below for more. 

Coachella // Festival Vibe

The probably most beautiful and known music festival is starting tomorrow in the desert of LA and in honor of that I decideed to make a post about it. It's my dream to go there one day. It looks so much fun. I like how the people dress so colorful and hippie like and that they don't care about anything just about the good music and hanging out with your friends. Vanessa Hudgens is probably the queen of Coachella. She always looks absolutely fantastic and I'm really sad she won't be attending this year. I love how they all combine fancy designer pieces with cool hippie stuff and high street brands. The vibe is so chilled and cool that everyone envies the people who have the opportunity to go.

To get into the Coachella vibe outside of LA, I decided to put together some look that can be also worn in the city without being looked at you like your weird.
xx Stefanie

Shoes of the moment

Shoes of the moment

Recently you can't go anywhere without seeing the Chanel Espadrilles or Birkenstock on blogger's feet. If it's Chiara Ferragni or Danielle Bernstein. They all absolutely love those shoes. I myself own those shoes and cannot wait to wear them a lot again.
They both are super comfortable and stylish. They basically go with everything. If it's a flowy summer dress or a rock-chic outfit with leather jacket and ripped jeans. They definitely make a statement.
Below you can see some styling ideas on how I would style them this season.

Chanel Espadrilles