Pom Pom Up Your Life

Pom Pom

So you all probably have seen these shoes in every fashion magazine and some of you are probably already sick about them BUT I need to jump on the wagon because these shoes cheer me up! They are so cute, so summer and so in style right now. They look great with dresses, jumpsuits, shorts, skirts... Everything that screams summer! Check below for some inspiration.

Unbenannt #179

Unbenannt #179

Unbenannt #180

Unbenannt #181

Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit Review

Ok so I jumped on the wagon as well and ordered the Kylie Lip Kits. Everyone was raving about them and as a sucker for any kind of celebrity related trend I just could not resist. I only ordered two colors as I wanted to check them first before I get any other colors. The colors I ordered are Dolce K and Candy K. Two of the original three lip kits. I liked them because they're quite natural and suitable for day and night. Plus I'm more into nude colors anyway, as I think they suit me the most.

Ordering Process:
I was on the website about 10 minutes before the restock opened and I had already opened a VIP account to make everything easier. When the time arrived I simply clicked on the two colors and inserted them into my bag. Then I proceeded to check out, typed in my credit card details and shipping information and voilà it was done. Probably 2 minutes later I have already received a confirmation email that they got my order. I was surprised how good this worked because I heard so many horror stories about the order process.
Then after probably 2 or 3 days I already received an email confirming that my package is on its way. 
In total it took the package 1 week to arrive, so not long at all! I ordered last Tuesday, 7 June and received it yesterday, 14 June. I was even more surprised,  especially it says on the website that it takes about 2 to 3 weeks internationally to ship. But for me, everything went super smoothly, no delays or anything!

The products arrive in a cute black Kylie box, with a letter and the lip kits inside. The lip kits themselves are packed into the cute Kylie lip kit "boxes". They contain a lip liner and the liquid lipstick. The colors themselves are quite a bit darker than they seem on pictures on her instagram profile. Candy K is quite pinkish and less nude than I thought it would be. Nevertheless it's beautiful. Dolce K is really brown and very 90s but also darker than expected! 

The quality is insanely good. They stay on all day! I wore Candy K ever since it arrived around 11am yesterday morning. I wore it to eat, to drink, to work out and even to shower and it almost didn't go off! The texture is super smooth and does not dry out your lips like most other lipsticks and it dries super fast. They are definitely perfect for a night out! Plus, for everyone who loves sweets, they smell like chocolate or caramel! 

Overall I have to say I am really happy I ordered them. The quality is great and the price of 29 Dollars is ok, if you think you'll get a lip liner AND a liquid lipstick with it. I would recommend everyone to order more than one lip kit as the shipping is 14 Dollars, which is a lot when you only order one color. 
I will definitely get more colors soon: 22, Koko K, Exposed and the glosses are my favorites! 

White Dreams

white dreams

Everyone who knows me is aware that I love wearing black all the time but this season I fell in love with another color - white! But not just white white, I love creme, milkish and all other kinds of whites. Combined with nude and rosé tones makes the perfect summer outfit. It is sophisticated and elegant but also very summery and chilled! It reminds me of the French Riviera or Mikrons. White comes in all kinds of shapes this year. As tops, shoes, bags, dresser etc.
And all white looks are both sexy and chic.

Check some inspirational looks below.
Unbenannt #168

Unbenannt #169

Unbenannt #170

Unbenannt #171

MET Gala 2016 favorites

 The MET Gala... where should I begin. It is probably next to all the Fashion weeks THE fashion event of the year. Basically everyone is going. From actresses, to models and designers and singers. Everyone is there and everyone is celebrating fashion in the best way ever. All the dresses are so creative and cool and fun. This year's theme was "Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology", what some of the stars fulfilled perfectly but others did not. They nevertheless looked all gorgeous. Find my favorite looks below.

Pictures all from vogue.com

Coachella weekend one

In perfect time for Coachella Weekend One I thought of posting my favorite looks so far. I am obsessed! Everyone looked so pretty! Cannot wait for Weekend Two outfits.

Coachella Fever

Coachella is a music festival in the desert of California and is not only a musical top event but also THE festival fashion event of the year. Absolutely everyone is going to Coachella. From famous bloggers to models, singers and actresses and actors. The fashion is always fun there, I think people wear stuff they wouldn't normally wear to the desert festival and they always look the bomb. Even H&M launched their second Coachella collection this year. No one can escape the hype anymore!
For me, Coachella is the perfect start to summer. I get all my inspiration for my summer outfits at those two April weekends. 

This year, I love fringes, cute white dresses, gladiator sandals and rompers. But the classic high waisted jeans and crop top look is still one of my favorites. I think jewelry is a must! And make up wise I definitely think, less is more. A bold lip with minimal eye make up would be my go to look. Personally, I still think glitter tattoos are still very cute to wear and for nails I love the classic red or sweet pastel colors. They go with every outfit.
Just in time for Coachella here's a quick recap of my top fashion moments of the last years and my top three looks for the festival. 

Coachella 1

Coachella 2

Coachella 3

Why I love Revolve Clothing

Revolve Clothing is an online shop that started in 2003. Now, 13 years later they have over 300 employees and over 500 different brands are able to be bought. They have 30 million page visits per month and over half a million email subscribers. It is save to say that it is a winning concept.

Today it is not only an online retailer but a way of living. They advertise with bloggers instead of models and celebrities and it works. They recognized that bloggers are the future in the fashion industry. Their recently launched social club in Los Angeles is a huge success and it makes you envy all the people who are able to go there.

The brands they sell are cool, young and fashionable. They are not something you can find anywhere, especially here in Switzerland. From Tularosa to Privacy Please or Lovers + Friends they also sell well known brands like Rag & Bone or Marc Jacobs.

They were able to mix the effortless youth of beautiful girls with a California breeze. Plus they have the perfect outfits for Coachella!

See my favorite pieces below:

favorites from revolve