Style Watch // Kendall Jenner


It is Monday again and my this weeks Style Crush is: Kendall Jenner! I must admit I was never a huge fan of hers because I always saw her as just another Kardashian socialite but 2014 was definitely Kendall's year. She developed into a serious model, got her own Malibu flat and conquered the runways of this world with a unique street style that is effortlessly chic but also super cool! She is extremely natural unlike the rest of her family, which makes her stand out. Her close group of friends include Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne (with whom she is starring on the cover of the new LOVE magazine and walked the Chanel runway in Salzburg with), Selena Gomez etc. etc. 
You'll always see Kendall wearing something out of leather and designer master pieces that she can afford easily and she finishes her style with an it-bag. Most of the time it is her black Celine Nano bag, which is absolutely to die for!
Below you'll find some Kendall essentials to get an idea on what I'm talking about.

Style Crush Monday // Kendall Jenner

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