Why I love Revolve Clothing


Revolve Clothing is an online shop that started in 2003. Now, 13 years later they have over 300 employees and over 500 different brands are able to be bought. They have 30 million page visits per month and over half a million email subscribers. It is save to say that it is a winning concept.

Today it is not only an online retailer but a way of living. They advertise with bloggers instead of models and celebrities and it works. They recognized that bloggers are the future in the fashion industry. Their recently launched social club in Los Angeles is a huge success and it makes you envy all the people who are able to go there.

The brands they sell are cool, young and fashionable. They are not something you can find anywhere, especially here in Switzerland. From Tularosa to Privacy Please or Lovers + Friends they also sell well known brands like Rag & Bone or Marc Jacobs.

They were able to mix the effortless youth of beautiful girls with a California breeze. Plus they have the perfect outfits for Coachella!

See my favorite pieces below:

favorites from revolve

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