New Year's Resolutions


The year 2014 is slowly coming to an end and everyone starts talking about their New Year's resolutions again. I am not a big fan of resolutions yet I make them every year again. I think everyone should be nice and caring anyway no matter if the new year starts or not. Resolutions are just a help to start them but many people feel to pressured and stop after 3 weeks.
In general, 2015 should be full of hope, love and happiness for everyone. Be nice and you will be treated nicely.

Here are some of my resolutions for the next year:

- A healthier lifestyle
- Enjoying every moment of the year like it is the last
- Be nice and charming
- Find a man (haha)
- Do more stuff with my friends
- Travel more and experience more other cultures
- Finish my first year of uni successfully

Do you guys have any resolutions? Comment below!

Bisou xx

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