Weekend City Trip


Hi guys!! I love travelling and I love exploring new cities and of course you always want to look your best in a new surrounding but also be completely comfortable. For me comfort is a must in a city because you walk around a lot, you visit many different places, so you need to wear something that doesn't sting, ache or hurt. I I think a great tip for packing is: pack many basic clothes that you can wear for every occasion and then pick some cool accessories, a cool shoe and bag and you're good to go. So I always pack two good pair of jeans (most of the time mine are ripped because I'm obsessed with ripped jeans and as I cannot wear them to work I wear them non-stop during my leisure time. Another one of my favorites are dungarees!! They are super comfortable but also extremely stylish! I always wear them with a crop top underneath paired with a cool leather jacket. I think shoulder or messenger bags are the best for city trips. They're not in the way, you can put in them the few neccessities you need and they also look cool when going out. I recently bought myself a turquoise satchel bag from Zara and it's so cute and so practical. For travelling I do prefer a big bag though because with that you don't need an extra hand luggage. 
For night outs I pack leather pants, as I'm not really a dress kind of girl I think they are the perfect alternative. They are sexy but also cool. I pair them with statement heels, a cool oversized (vintage) denim jacket and just a plain white tee. You can never go wrong with plain tees. As for shoes my favorite travelling shoes are my Balenciaga cut out boots. They are super stylish but also probably the most comfortable shoes I own. In Summer my go to shoe is also my Chanel Espadrille. No further explanation needed.
What are you're go to trip clothes? Let me know!!

xx Stefanie

Trip to Brussels

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