Adidas Stan Smith


My latest splurge where this Adidas Stan Smith sneakers. I've been meaning to buy them for ages but never got around to buy them. I'm absolutely in love with them.
They are super comfortable, look very similar to Saint Laurent sneakers but don't cost a fortune yet they are a real classic and as my style lately has been inspired by the 90s, I think these shoes are a must.
You don't really have to break them in, they're comfortable the first time you step your foot in them. I think they are super versatile. I think with some cute black dungarees they are the perfect outfit for a chilled day (and you look like you arrived straight from the 90s). I'm also a big fan of those A-line denim skirts and I think combined with these Stan Smith they look super cute but also sporty and laid back.
The reason why I got them in dark blue and not the classic green one is that I wear black pretty much 90 % of my life and I think they just fit more into my closet. Plus I like that it's a very dark blue and not as flashy as the green. But which every pair you get you will not be disappointed.

What are your thoughts on the Stan Smith?

xx Stefanie

Adidas Stan Smith

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