Balmain x H&M... controversial?


Okay. I think everyone got the memo that the Balmain x H&M dropped today and it is no wonder that everything sold out within around two hours. But why is that designer meets H&M collection always such a world wide phenomenon? Well every girl and as of today also a lot men loves a bit of designer in their life and like me, the average girl, cannot afford getting designer pieces on a daily basis. I think H&M is playing with that, plus I also think designers want to make themselves more approachable with collaborations like that. Everyone knows the Swedish retailer. I think this years collaboration was not only attractive because of the designer appeal but also because Olivier Rousteing is an extremely young designer and likes hanging out with the social media generation of models, such as Gigi Hadid, Jourdan Dunn or Kendall Jenner. These girls are not only mega models but also inspirations to many million of girls and young adults. They are in TV every day, post pictures on their Instagram profile where millions of people see their latest posts. I think H&M and Rousteing were extremely smart by doing this collab. Rousteing's designs are extremely high end and cost around 7000 Dollars if not more but also the fact that girls that buy at H&M are usually fans of those named models, which makes it extremely easy to hype the collection. I think I've never seen so many adds before for a H&M collaboration like this year. No show was as talked about as this one. Olivier is not only designer but also a star himself. So high five to all the marketing and pr people behind this collab because you obviously did a great job.

Talking about the actual collection my thoughts are divided. I have to say I like some pieces a lot, others not so much. They are very artsy, no question and also 100 per cent Balmain. BUT when can you actually wear a pink full on glitter dress? We don't all live in LA or New York or Paris where these looks are seen on a daily basis. To be honest if I were to wear this said dress everyone would look at me weirdly here in Zurich. Another big BUT for me is the prices. I know it's designer, I know it's peanuts compared to Balmain's regular collection but it is still H&M and I have a big problem with that. I don't see the sense in buying a dress for 700 Dollars, which is a Balmain x H&M collab dress. It is still H&M, like said before. I'm not going to lie, I do own some quite expensive stuff and I feel extremely honoured to own things like that but for me shopping isn't just about spending money (Which is by the way the feeling you get while shopping for this collection). For me shopping is about the feeling, the looking, the trying on, the thinking with what other staples in your closet this new dress or bag would look good with. Especially if I buy something expensive. I have to say I'd rather spend 700 Dollars on something that I had the pleasure of a nice shopping trip than a dress I had to almost fight for with some other chick. 

I was at the (supposed) VIP pre shopping event yesterday and it was fun. I still had to stand in line and people were still fighting like something was for free but it overall was a fun experience. But no, I didn't get anything because of the reasons mentioned above. I think it is okay to love these collections and I do own stuff from Alexander Wang x H&M last year or the Jimmy Choo one a few years back but this year I decided not to. I think Balmain is also not really my taste. I think, like I said, it is really artsy and beautifully made and looks absolutely perfect on girls like the Kardashian's or Gigi. It is too sparkly and too extravagant for my liking. I knew I wouldn't wear it a lot anyway.

I still decided to pick a few of the pieces I liked from the collection and put together some looks for those who bought some stuff. Also pictures from the event last night - I already apologise I look horrendous. 

Unbenannt #120

Unbenannt #119

Unbenannt #119 von eleanorjcstyle, distressed jeans enthaltend


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