Ibiza Impressions


I'm in Ibiza at the moment writing this article by the pool with a view on the ocean. Yes, life is nice. Nevertheless, I thought to give you a little overview of my stay here in Ibiza so far as this island offers so much more than just parties, you can eat deliciously good and chill out in cute beach clubs during the day. 

When we arrived we had dinner at Blue Marlin - a restaurant, bar and beach club. The food is really good but pricey. I had a a so called "BMI" Thai Salad with beet tataki and tempura prawns. It was excellent. The vibe is really cool there as well. There is music playing and some people dancing, which makes it have a bit of a club feeling.
Another good restaurant we visited was Las Brisas. A very unknown restaurant here in Ibiza but such a lovely place. It is right on top of the ocean so you have a phenomenal view. I had homemade spinach and ricotta ravioli and they were amazing. The people are really nice there as well and I would definitely recommend this place for the lovebirds out there. It is really romantic and quiet. 
My favorite so far was the restaurant b.for. It is a sushi restaurant and the location is great and the food amazing. Even for people like me who don't eat raw fish! I had tempura chicken, vegetable gyosa and avocado and cucumber maki rolls and for desert Nutella maki rolls (they are the bomb!!). The personnel is really attentive and fast. They also have a big drinks menu. The location is great too. It has a very bar vibe and the tables are really lowm which makes it very chilled and relaxed. I was very surprised by the prices, for what we ate and drank it was not expensive at all. I think it's a must place to go when you visit Ibiza. 

Beach Club
We went to Blue Marlin again but this time during the day. We rented a beach bed and hung out there the whole afternoon. It is really great. You can order food, drinks, basically everything you want. There is music playing and when it gets later in the afternoon people start dancing and it changes into a day party. It is not cheap but I think ok for the things you get. The food is very good. I had a cheeseburger and we shared some Mezze and loads of other stuff. The best thing though is there variety of Sangrias. We chose the one with Rosé and it is literally the best sangria I ever had. So fruity and delicious and not too much alcohol considering you're drinking it during the day. I wouldn't go there every day but if you want to have a change in scenery once, I would definitely recommend it.

Of course we weren't every where yet and won't be able to visit all the cool places as there are just too many. I think you can visit Ibiza and don't spend too much when you don't go to fancy places every day. We're lucky that my friends dad owns a house here where we could spend our days and we don't need to go out every day. Therefore you can really choose were you want to go. 

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