Man in Style: Harry Styles


Men pay attention! Let me present you my future husband Harry Styles... He should be your inspiration when it comes to style right now. His name is Styles and with him that name is what you get. His trademark brands are Saint Laurent, Gucci and Louis Vuitton; he wears Tom Ford perfume and his hair is his most popular fashion statement. He makes weird clothes look sexy and makes pink on a man hot af. Everything he wears comes straight from the runway, which makes it extremely hard to get your hands on the stuff as it isn't even in stores yet. I must admit I have more than just a minor crush on him and I'm proud of it. His accent makes him even more handsome. I love that he isn't the stereo type kind of guy and loves to take risks with fashion. He is very confident without being cocky, successful but humble but also sexy but still extremely witty and charming. He thinks he is funny, which he's not but that makes him even better. He loves his fans, friends and family. He is often portrayed as a womanizer, which makes me angry. He is nice and polite to everyone and I don't think that is really something wrong. 
He loves women for sure but that doesn't make him a womanizer. He is also very protective over his sister, which is extremely adorable. 
His tattoos give him a certain edge and I must say this man is probably everything someone wants in one. People want to see him as a bad boy but let's face it he is just a little cupcake with an extreme sense of fashion.

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Harry Essentials

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