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As I'm going to a festival this weekend I was looking for a perfect nail color to add to my wardrobe. I usually dress very dark and edgy with a bohemian vibe so I thought of something flashy and colorful and I found the perfect answer in Model's Own neon nail polish "bubblegum". The color is absolutely gorgeous and you only need one layer and you're good to go. I personally used a gel polish underneath and on top to make it last way longer. Another great thing about the color is that even though I'm not really tanned at the moment my hands don't look even more pale with it. The color shines on its own. I've been a fan of Model's Own since I bought their beauty blender and a series of brushes and this nail polish showed me once again how amazing they are AND for 9.90CHF it was really cheap for Swiss standards. So if you're looking for great neon colors, be sure to check out Model's Own's range of colors. They definitely rock!!

What are your favorite brands for beauty products at the moment? And what are your favorite nail polish colors to go for this summer?

xx Stefanie

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