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I love blogging and I love other bloggers even more. They are my newest obession. So I decided to post about my favourite bloggers every now and then. This week my favourite blogger is Lydia Rose from Fashion Influx. She is from northern England and therefore has the cutest accent ever. She is stunningly beautiful and super cool. Her style is very clean and classic but that's what I love about it. She doesn't dress in extremely expensive clothes that a normal person like me would never be able to afford. For me at least, she's the queen of making relatively cheap clothes look super high fashion and that alone is a talent.
Her make up always looks on point and her shade of blonde hair is seriously to die for!

Her Youtube channel is probably my favourite in this whole world. I adore her haul videos but also her makeup videos (she is actually a really talented one in that perspective).

I also love that she's not too famous (yet) as she is really approachable and cute with her fans btu I do think she deservs way more followers and admires like I am.

If you love fashion and beauty and want to get jealous of an extremely gorgeous girl then go follow her.
Instagram: Fashioninflux
Twitter: @LRFashioninflux

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