Summer Trends


Summer Trends
I know Autumn is soon here and some of you probably are already sick of summer but as some of us - including me - haven't been on our summer holiday yet, I wanted to talk about this years summer must haves. (starting top left corner)
White Bikinis / Swimsuits:
I've always been a fan of white swimsuits because people look so good in them combined with their tan. But this year is the first year I actually bought one. As I have many many bikinis I decided to go for a very low cut white swimsuit from ASOS. I saw this one on Danielle Bernstein and I think it is super cute and very sexy. You can wear it to the beach but also, paired with cute shorts to a day party. I think it is the perfect swimsuit that doesn't look old fashioned and boring.
Neopren / Coloured bikinis:
Neopren is THE trend this year. The bikini brand Triangl has become the statement brand to wear to the beach. I personally don't own one because in my opinion too many people have it now but I think they're super super cute. Due to the neopren they don't go out of form and stay perfectly shaped as they are.
Croched Bikinis:
Another thing you see everywhere this year are croched bikinis. Models wear them, singers wear them, bloggers wear them, basically everyone wears them. I think they're so cute and so chic, especially for one of the many parties on Ibiza but I doubt they're actually good for the water..
Black Playsuits:
For me Playsuits are the best thing invented EVER. I wear them all the time. They are so comfortable without looking sloppy. Especially the trend to wear a plain black one is super cool, as it is so elegant yet cool. You can dress them up and down. The one here is from Zara, which I love but ASOS and Topshop have many as well. So do not hesitate to buy one. You won't regret it.
Patchwork Dresses:
I wasn't a fan of this trend at first because I think it's very hard to make it look cool and not weird but when I saw this Zara dress from their new A/W Collection I immediately wanted to buy it. What I love about it is that the patchwork is not too much and you can wear it now with sandals or espadrilles but also when the temperatures and the leaves are starting to fall again you can perfectly combine it with thin tights and boots and you have a perfect look.
Palm Tree Prints:
Another thing that I saw on Danielle Bernstein and started to love at first sight is this Palm Tree printed playsuit from H&M. It is a bargain and fits perfectly. I think it is the perfect trend for summer when you dream of lying under the palm trees and having dinner by the ocean. It is very cute and super summery. I would wear this one with simple sandals or I would combine it with a tight white t-shirt and black shoes when it's a bit cooler.
As I love playsuits I also love jumpsuits. Especially the ones with a flared leg and a cool print on them. The one I show here is from two summers ago and from Topshop and I think it is one of the best purchases I've ever made. It's cute, comfortable and not too hot. I think it is still very in style even though I bought it two summers ago. There are plenty similar ones out now at Zara e.g. I also like them in a plain black colour. Especially if you're going to a bit more sophisticated place for dinner.
High Waisted Denim Shorts:
They've been around for ages but still belong in every summer wardrobe in my opinion. They are comfortable, simple and sexy. You can wear them with everything and you manage to look good. As they're high waisted your legs tend to look longer and if you combine it with a cool shirt and boots you have a bit of rockstar vibe going on, which everyone loves every once in a while.
Denim Skirts:
Before you cringe, no we are not back in the early 2000s when Britney and co. wore these distressed mini mini mini denim skirts (which I still love tbh). This one is more elegant and chic and fits the vibe that's going on in fashion ath the moment perfectly. It's A-line and slight higher waist is perfect to combine them with a crop top or a cropped blouse. I wear them with Birk's or sneakers or espadrilles.
Lace Shorts:
Another trend that I love because they are extremely comfortable and extremely changable. You can wear them to the beach with your fave bikini and your good to go or you wear them by night with a nice top, sandals and statement jewellery and you're dressed to impress. I think it is the perfect alternative for a skirt because you can sit the way you want to sit and you don't have to worry about anything.
This year you either see the Dior So Real glasses on the beach or the round Ray Ban sunnies. It's all about that this year. If you want to go for a statement go with the So Real, they are my favorite thing on earth. If you prefer the rocker look with the John Lennon vibe you don't go wrong with the Ray Ban's and as there are so many cool colours now you can even make them look very sophisticated and elegant.
I still think some classic aviators, clubmasters or wayfarers are perfect types of sunglasses you can ALWAYS wear.
White Nail Polish:
I'm not a bright kind of girl when it comes to nail polishes. I usually go with either black, dark red or classic red most of the time but this summer I love white nail polish. Especially when you're tanned. Your hands look so much more tanned and it is just like another accessory. If you don't want to go all white there are great rosé ones out that are almost white or the same with a very baby blue hint in it.
Crop Tops:
Crop tops are everywhere this year. Either bralets, like the one from Calvin Klein or flowy ones like the white from Topshop. You can never go wrong with a crop top unless you show too much skin and you look like you escaped from the early 2000s. I love them combined with high waisted shorts or skirts because you only show a tad of skin and I think that is completely ok and don't worry if you don't have a supermodel body (because who does really) if you're shorts are high waisted you can easily wear a crop top. Just go with one that is a bit more flowy and not too tight and you will look amazing.
Shoes, Shoes, Shoes:
Espadrilles, Birkenstock like sandals and gladiator sandals are the thing this summer. I think fashion made us a huge favor with that because finally we can wear shoes that are actually comfortable and look cute. I wear my Chanel Espadrilles almost everyday in summer and I love them to death. I think they go with everything, as do the Birk's. For the gladiator sandals, I would go with a cute skirt or flowy white dress.
Summer is the time of the year where you can wear colourful bags. This Valentino bag is everywhere at the moment. Every blogger seems to have it. I love the baby blue colour of this one. Combined with the studs it looks cool and not too Church Sunday kind of girl if you know what I mean.
Another thing that is super cool this summer, are fringe bags. Saint Laurent has plenty and I think they make you look like a little hippie and I love it. They also go great with a bit of rocky chic look.
That's it. What is your summer must have? What would you wear, what wouldn't you?

xx Stefanie

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