Autumn Essentials and Life Tips


things for uni fall you need

It's finally September and my impatient childish soul cannot wait for the leaves starting to fall, stores smelling like cinnamon and the pumpkin spice lattes coming back to Starbucks. All I want to do is buying nice smelling candles, new beddings and blankets to make my room super cozy and cute. Sadly this time of the year also means uni is starting again, which means studying and no shopping. To make it still a bit more magical and doable I put together some must haves for uni and your personal well being. Personally just a couple of candles a nice blanket and painting your nails in a dark red makes you feel all autumn-y. I love the coziness of this season and the vibe, so why not take your studying to a coffeeshop, get your favorite coffee or tea and wander in your thoughts and work there. I personally will definitely do that a lot this year. So, get out, be happy, dress cozy and drink your favorite tea and everything will be fine, even uni.

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