Blogger of the week // Flo Loves Clothes


I've been following this young girl for ages and her style has become more and more an inspiration for me. Florencia is 20 years old and from Boston. I found out about her a long time ago through her Eleanor Calder blog on tumblr. Now she's a known blogger that becomes more famous day by day. Her sets on Polyvore are amazing and her personal blog "Flo Loves Clothes" has become one of my favorites. She is  very natural and super nice and her style is chic, simple but always with a good twist, which I love. She is simply gorgeous. I love how she incorporates high street brands in her looks. She makes everything accessible for us all and not just those who are super rich. If you don't already know and follow her check her blog out
Also make sure to check out her tumblr:

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